Q. Do I have to pay something or are the Workshops free?

A. There is currently no charge. Anam Cara is funded by a variety of sources including Mid and East Lothian drug and Alcohol Partnership, Robertson trust, Foundation Scotland,the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and East Lothian Council.


Q. Am I allowed to bring someone along to support me?

A. You may bring a support worker along with you for the first part of our self- awareness workshop, when you are safely settled, we would then expect your worker to leave you in our safe hands.


Q. Is there an age limit to attend these workshops?

A. You can access the workshops from age 18 upwards (our oldest participant was 81)


Q.  Do I have to be referred by a professional?

A. No you can self- refer by using the referral form on our website or contact Details provided.


Q. What happens once I have completed the referral form?

A. A member of our team will text you to let you know we will call you to provide you with more information about the process.


Q. Can I speak to anyone to get more information about the Workshops and the work you do?

A. Yes you can contact admin on 07551774089 or email fiona@anamcara.scot


Q. Do I have to attend all 3 workshops?

A. As the workshops contain structure, you would get the most benefit if you attended the full programme. However,you may attend workshop 1 or two in either order, or if necessary, return later to complete the full programme.

Q. Can I access the workshops whilst I am getting other support?

A. Yes, there is no evidence to say that you cannot receive self- management techniques along with other support from your community.


Q. Do you provide childcare?

A. Unfortunately we do not have the funding nor the appropriate venue for childcare. 

Q. How Many Women attend these Workshops?

A. around 20 women will attend each workshop, that may sound a lot, but it creates a safer place for many who don’t like attention drawn to them.


Q. Do I have to introduce myself to everyone and tell them why I am here?

A. No, you do not have to speak if you don’t want to . We would like to empower you to own your story, but this doesn’t mean you need to share it …… unless of course you want to!Then your welcome to share.


Q. Do I have to bring anything?

A. No, we will provide you with folders and handouts 


Q. Is there any work that I must do at home?

A. No written homework we will however ask you to practice the techniques taught to you as this will give you the best opportunity to become proficient at your new skills.


Q. Is everything discussed in the workshops confidential?

A. Totally! confidentiality is paramount to us; on arrival , youwill be asked to sign an agreement before we proceed with the workshops.


Q. Do I have to bring a lunch?

A. There is a light cold lunch provided, however we do not accommodate any dietary requirements so you may feel free to bring a lunch suitable to your needs.


Q. Once I have completed the workshops is there any other support you offer.

A. Yes, we can offer the opportunity to return to workshopson topics you may not have grasped 1st time round or have missed due to illness. We are also piloting a monthly refresher morning which will run throughout the year. Dates will be announced on our Facebook page and website.