WE NEED YOUR HELP - Men's Minds Matter

Over the past year and due to the pandemic and lockdown poor mental health in both women and men has increased exponentially.

Anam Cara is a predominately a Women's charity, however, due to the decline in Mental Health over the last year and the result of lockdown and the pandemic, we have been asked by both participants and local services to deliver support to men.

As our online support can reach more people who wish to be more anonymous, we have decided to pilot an online “Courage over Fear” workshop for men aged 18 and upwards. The workshop will run over 3 weeks and subjects will be posted daily. Men can access it at their own convenience over the space of a 4 week period.

In order to achieve this, we are looking to recruit 10-15 men who are willing to take part in this pilot. It would require them to register, view all the videos and complete a survey for final evaluations.

If you wish to put forward someone you think would benefit from this opportunity please contact Julie at or call 07551 406942.


If you wish to register without any contact from our admin , you can do so by registering online simply complete the registration forms below below the mens tab. Please remember to submit your preferred means of contact . You will then receive either email, call  or text confirming that you fit the criteria along with the  password (before the workshop starts) that will give you access the videos.

We would ask if you could help by donating even the smallest amount on our donation page towards the cost of this pilot, we are aiming raise £700 to cover some of the costs and the pilot will begin on June 28th 2021.

If successful we will approach funders to develop “Men's Mind Matter” further and hopefully support men in our Community who require self - management tools and skills to improve their quality of life.

Thank you for your support

Maria Martin and the team at Anam Cara x