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Anam Cara is a registered Scottish charity supporting woman whose aim is to improve their emotional well-being.

Anam Cara was developed by women who recognised a gap in services to provide a lived experience approach to supporting women's emotional well- being. 


Through the team sharing real life experiences they can safely explore subjects like vulnerability, authenticity and low self- worth, and help develop skills and techniques that are true “game changers.” All Anam Cara Team have lived experience and our only requirement prior to training is a passion to make a difference, an honesty, and an ability to share and own their stories and a commitment to supporting women who attend our workshops. 

This unique form of delivery creates a compassionate, non- judgmental space for women to develop skills without fear of judgement and are held in safe local environments in and around the Lothian’s.


Here at Anam Cara we believe that; in order to find true happiness, you need to look no further than within yourself.


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